Suitable Castors

□ Swivel and fixed brackets have common bolt hole spacing so that both are replaceable.
□ V type: Rear castors are fixed with stopper type.
□ CB:Plessed bearing

<Standard>Pressed Steel Castors
with W wheels(CB)

Swivel Fixed
S WJ-100 WKK-100
M WJ-130 WKK-130
V WJ-200 -

<option>UW wheel castors (CB)

Swivel Fixed
S UWJ-100 UWKK-100
M UWJ-130 UWKK-130
V UWJ-200 -

<for Aluminum>R (Rubber) wheel castors

Swivel Fixed
S LSG-100R LSR-100R

for AluminumTBN (Rubber) wheel castors

Swivel Fixed

Hand stopper

Wheels are locked when the lever is released.

Grip handle and lever gently to deactivate stopper.

*When you find the stopper device doesn't work adequately, you can adjust such device easily.