Business Policy 2018


"察"  Observing

Observe and examine things from various angles.


nstead of being preoccupied with one meaning or interpretation of a certain thing,
Try best to expand possibilities for finding what is really needed.
For better productivities and sales activities, figure out improvements to deliver.

We'll always keep in mind important concepts such as
"Cost", "Schedule", "A New Perspective",and of course,
"Seiri (sorting)", "Seiton (setting-in-order)", "Seiso (cleaning)"
and to eliminate wasting time for vain search.

What we're aiming is to become the most reliable manufacturer for our valued customers. We work hard toward our product making in the professional way that ensures accurate responses and suggestions to the customers demands.

We are grateful for being born on the planet richly endowed with nature. We act as a responsible member of those who are looking for ways to live in harmony with the natural surroundings, while giving due consideration to environmental conservation in every aspect of our business activity. Cherishing nature, promote manufacturing with idea of eliminating anything superfluous and unreasonable through our work process to offer serviceable products which will be consigned to the earth ultimately.


We are engaged in development, design, manufacturing of casters and various types of handcarts, and in all our business activities we will contribute to the society, and make harmonious coexistence with the global environment, while continuously improving major impacts on the environment. We'll try to continue to be trusted by interested parties.



We aim to be the most reliable manufacturer for the customers, and help concerned people including our staff members to realize their dreams.
We contribute to the sustainable development of manufacturing and sales business with professional sprit to fulfill customers needs and our continual effort to develop new products.
To create a better network with our domestic and overseas customers/suppliers, always reviewing cooperative relationships with our partners based on new incoming information.