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Components and Parts of Caster

Nomenclature; name of individual components  

Box Style Structure

SISIKU's unique technology "Box Style" makes its wheel center durable
and prevents dirt and dust from intruding in wheel.
Cross section of SISIKU's Box Style wheel   Cross section of wheel by other manufacturer


Characteristics of Wheels

Various kinds of wheels according to application areas or purposes.
To select suitable wheels, refer to the table below to become familiar with characteristics of wheels.

  ゴム車輪 ウレタン車輪 ジエンゴム車輪 MC車輪
 Name of wheels Rubber wheel
Polyurethane wheel (UR) Butadiene rubber wheel (BR) MC wheel (Monomer cast nylon)
 Hardness 70-75 90-92 55-60 115-120
 Compression set
 Wear and abrasion  resistance
 Atmospheric corrosion  resistance
 Oil resistance
  (Machine lubricant)
 Petrol resistance × ×
 Heat resistance (℃) 90 80 90 120
 Cold resistance (℃) -30 -30 -40 -40
 Water resistance
 Chemical resistance  (Weak acid/Alkaline) ×
 Starting performance
 Main features High resistance to wear and abrasion and excellent elasticity.  Excellent mechanical strength High elasticity and excellent wear and abrasion resistance. Excellent wear and abrasion resistance and self-lubricating property


Antibacterial Polyurethane wheels

Antibacterial characteristic makes casters suitable for carriers for food industries.
Wearing resistance and clean polyurethane

抗菌ホワイトウレタン車輪 ステンレスキャスター/自在/抗菌ホワイトウレタン車輪付 ステンレスキャスター/固定/抗菌ホワイトウレタン車輪付

Results of antibacterial test by Japan Food Research Laboratories
Inoculum strain Number measurement Specimens Number of strain
Staphylococcus aureus Right after inoculation Comparison 400,000
After 24hours at 35℃ Sample a) 920,000
Sample b) Less than 10
Escherichia coli Right after inoculation Comparison 280,000
After 24hours at 35℃ Sample a) 19,000,000
Sample b) 210

The number of Staphylococcus aureus decreased from 400,000 to below 10, and Escherichia coli from 280,000 to 210 respectively after 24hours.

Right after inoculation

After 24hours

WUW (Antibacterial polyurethane) wheel can be applied to standard pressed steel, Stainless steel and Scaffolding casters.


About "Electrically conductive casters"

When selecting this type of caster with carriers in clean room and equipment of examination as a countermeasure against static electricity , you can refer to volume resistance of the materials used.
静電気帯電防止キャスター/固定/制電製ウレタン車輪付 静電気帯電防止キャスター/自在/導電性ナイロン6車輪付 静電気帯電防止キャスター/自在/制電製ジエンゴム車輪付

Volume resistance
Applying voltage to a cubical object generates electric current both inside and outside the object.
Resistance against the current inside is called "volume resistance" The less value, the higher electrically conductivity.
Under 102Ω・cm・・・・・・・Highly conductivity
106~109Ω・cm・・・・・Electrostatic property

When used with platform trucks, ISO criterion value of resistance applied to the area including handle and the floor is less than109Ω・cm

For further details of our electrically conductive casters, please click her.


About monomer cast nylon wheel

Monomer cast nylon has higher molecular mass and crystallization degree compared to the conventional nylon resin.
It has excellent mechanical and thermal properties, abrasion, chemical and fatigue resistance.
低床重荷重用キャスター/固定/MC車輪付 低床重荷重用双輪キャスター/自在/MC車輪付 緩衝キャスターⅠセンタースプリングタイプ/自在/MC車輪付
1. Toughnes ・・・Excellent impact resistance and load capacity
2. Chemical Resistance ・・・Chemical, oil and solvent resistance
3. Wear and abrasion resistance ・・・Low coefficient of friction thanks to self-lubricating property
4. Vibration reduction ・・・ Absorbs vibration well thanks to small natural vibration frequency and big logarithmic decrement, resulting in noise reduction.
5. Lower in cost ・・・Suited to volume production and help to reduce production cost
MC (Monomer cast nylon) wheels can be applied to Standard pressed steel, Compact medium duty, Compact heavy duty, Twin wheeled compact heavy duty, Compact Extra Heavy duty, Stainless steel, Corner and Shock absorbing casters.