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Hand carts

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3 For food-processing sector

給食センター用台車 オールステンレスタイプ
☆For meal supply center
For carrying dairy products
バックヤードカート スーパー向け
☆For supermarket use
ドーリー(ばんじゅう)台車 2方立ち上がりタイプ
☆For bread plants
Dolly storage cart
Stainless steel cradle cart
School lunch service cart
給食配膳台車 ~ダムウェーターサイズ~
☆Pantry cart
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SISIKU 's hand truck and carts are used for various purposes in various fields. You can print out specification form for custom-designed hand truck and cart below. Fill out fields and send via fax or mail to our sales branch. After we received, we'll contact you as soon as possible.

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