Date: July 13-15, 2016
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
We participated in 'INTERNATIONAL MODERN HOSPITAL SHOW 2016' and we exhibited the unique products safety lock castor and central lock system, also the wooden platform truck, the 1-shelf and 2-shelf switchable platform truck, and the welfare-related products DYJOC BOARD (a rehabilitation equipment) and adjustable seat unit for wheelchairs. Within three days, the number of visitors reached 81,000. Visitors and exhibitors had a lively exchange of views and suggestions in every booth.
Hot product!
Safety lock castor

In this exhibition, the safety lock castor was still the product that attracted visitors’ attention. The safety lock castors are used for the simplified wheelchair in the fields such as nursing care, or the chair with casters for which adjusting distance between the chair and the desk is needed. They are very convenient chairs. When people stand up, people always naturally push the chair backward using their legs, at the same time the position of the chair with castors will change . It will be dangerous and result to an accident if he or she sit down again without noticing. It would lead to a serious injury for an aged people. The safety lock casters can overcome this weakness. When people sit down (or when there is a load), the castors are unlocked. When people stand up (or when there is no load), the wheels will be locked. The mechanism of this castor can significantly decrease the occurrence of falling accident.

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