Shinkachi Souzouten 2015 in Kansai
Date:2015, May. 27-29
Venue:Osaka (Japan)
Shinkachi Souzouten 2015 is a local business meeting and events exhibition held to help Japanese enterprises to integrate their businesses.
Sisiku Addkreis Corporation have introduced Safety lock/Total lock mechanism for IT for Health and Longevity, Medical and Nursing industries.
Safety Lock Castor
"Safety Lock Castor" locks the castors on your chair as you sit up. Threaded stem fitting resin castor.
  • The wheels do not roll while no one is seated on the chair.
  • The locks are released and the chair becomes mobile as load is applied to the seat.
  • Central Lock System
    "Central Lock System" locks all 4 wheels in one touch. Stem fitting Plastic Castor WAVE.
  • Lock all 4 wheels in one touch
  • Castor designed by German company "Blickle" show high operability and design.
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