Date:2013. Feb. 6~8
Venue:Tokyo big site(Japan)
Tokyo International Gift Show is the Japan's largest personal gift and lifestyle sundries international trade fair. The theme was "Showcasing a Natural Lifestyle, with Flowers, Plants and General Goods that Enrich Our Lives". Influential buyers visited the show not only from Japan but from every part of the world. The number of exhibitors reached 2424 companies, the highest number ever.
We participated in the show as one of the Ishikawa prefecture booth. We displayed "Hibachi brazier" with metal accessories, SISIKU's original "TRIVET" and wall-hanging single-flower vase "WALLFLOWER".
ISHIKAWA Prefecture's Booth

Entrance of Ishikawa prefecture's booth with a aureate folding screen.

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4th., MARUSHO Bldg., 1-16-15 Nagadohe, Kanazawa, 
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